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Orchestra concerts - it’s always beautiful. 

The volume of sound, the visual effect is something possible to be created by a large team only

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The insight to create the Gleb Andianov orchestra appeared in 2019. The first membership included the Moscow Conservatory, the Gnessin Academy and the Maimonides Academy students


Since 2020, the orchestra has regularly participated in the Night of Museums project, performed at brand events (Audemars Piguet in Skolkovo, Zielinski &Rozen at the Jewish Museum of Tolerance), the Silver Archer Award ceremony and other commercial and private events

The orchestra location is ZIL Cultural Center

The orchestra's repertoire consists of compositions by Gleb Andrianov, music by contemporary composers, academic and film music 

The minimum string ensemble composition is 7 people 

When adding percussion and wind sections, and doubling the string section, the number of musicians can reach up to 30 people

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