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Creating a concert show using modern media technologies 

In 2022, the composer created a media hub based on the laboratory of contemporary music for the development of audio-visual shows. Before, he collaborated with such companies like Collaborart, ZeroRay, Sila Sveta

In addition to specially designed graphic content for the music program kinect technology, which is used in game consoles and VR, was used at this concert. The sensor read off the movements of ballerinas and musicians, immediately transmitted the image, transformed graphics to the screen, creating an incredible effect of the events on the stage multidimensionality 

To immerse the viewer deeper in music Gleb Andrianov collaborates with media artists and studios, that create visual content using graphics, modern technologies, and the latest lighting equipment 

For example, a neurointerface, checking brain activity, is fixed on Gleb's head here. The received information is uploaded to a computer in real time, instantly processed by a media artist, becomes video art and is relayed to the screen behind the musicians. Thus, the processes of the artist's brain activity at the moment of music performance are visualized at the concert

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